Hello world!


Well, yesturday I quit my dream job. Really super quit. I was the Curator of the Art Gallery. It was official. It was fancy. It was promising. I wore a pantsuit to work everyday and did my hair…. It was a forever job….. and I quit.

A bit of background may be in order:

I am a mom. I have two kids. They have special needs…I’ll explain more on that someday in one of these posts… and I have had a VERY hard time balancing life and work and children and marriage.

I had to quit something.

Quitting my children wasn’t an option…. I JUST got this new husband in 2010, so the time-investment with this model didn’t warrant a trade-in (yet)….The only thing left was work, and work had to go. So it did.

Since I’ve had such a life shake up I figured, ‘what the heck, I shall start a blog’! So here I am.

This blog will contain my life as it is. I am pursuing arts and crafts as a release to the stresses of my life, and I hope you enjoy seeing the projects as much as I like doing them.

There will be a bit of everything. House renovating, decorating, photography (that’s how I’m going to make my moola from now on), murals, sewing projects, furniture upcycling, family dynamics, and so on and so forth.