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Duckling to a Swan


Tonight I tackled a completely new adventure…. upholstery! 
This little chair is a client’s piece. She bought it 8 years ago for $8. Right away she got out the staple gun for a little DIY and did the green layer.


First thing I did was remove the green fabric. It didn’t want to cooperate so I had to use my girl muscles!


Underneath there I found pukey floral lovely orange and gold original fabric. And staples.


There were soooooo mannnny staples. So. Many. Staples.


This side cutter tool was my weapon of choice for staple extraction. I only managed to get 1/4 of those lovelies out before I gave up. Out came the hammer and I flattened the rest level with the wood on the chair. Badaboom. Badabing.

What fabric is going to transform this piece you ask?


^^this.  Found at the local Walmart. Check out their selection. This was from the precut/prepackaged pieces area. SWIRLS OF HAPPINESS is what I’d name it if I had naming privileges for this pattern.

Drumroll please……….. the process (I was so involved with the process that I didn’t take pictures. I will get better at that, I promise) may or may not have included a staple gun, a glue gun, and burnt fingers………..


Here is the “AFTER”. What a beautiful swan this duckling has turned into. The whole thing from start to finish took 2.5 hours…. Maybe take some time away, because the kids had bedtime routine in there. (The whole house stops for stories and end of evening snack negotiations).

I love it and so does she!

Stay tuned for a post about those lamps in my daughter’s room that I had promised you I’d post a bazillion months ago (derp!) Now that I know how to post from my phone you all are going to get SICK of how often you’ll hear from me.