Flower Letter Thing-a-ma-jig


Okay, I am an epic blogging failure…. but that’s okay. I recently shared a photo

(this photo)


on an uber famoso phototographer’s facebook page as a comment reply to a beautiful flower wall she made this week. Well…. much to my amazement people liked it and want to know how to make it. Whaaaat???? So here it is.

Get supplies and tools.

flower-1 A cardboard letter from a craft store This one is from Hobby Lobby. 24 inches tall. You can use any size that you want. You could even build one. But I didn’t.

flower-24 flower-23

Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks….Buy one glue gun and like 5 bags of glue sticks. You will use more glue than you think is humanly possible.

flower-2 flower-5

Whatever types of small flowers you want to use. I chose these fake-o hydrangeas from the dollarama. flower-12

I’ve also seen them today at the Dollar Tree for CHEAPER (shop around people. shop around). I only bought 3 because I’m using them as a guide today. YOU NEED MORE!!!!!!! LOTS MORE!!! When I did my favorite daughter’s “J” I used probably 20-25 of these flower bunches (at least).


The key is that they have to be able to ‘pop’ off the stems. Pick flowers that you can pull off.

That’s it folks. All the supplies you need!

Prepare your flowers. Put your beverage of choice into the fridge. Wine, beer, soda, water, juice, coconuts… I don’t care what it is, but this is a LONG PROCESS. You will need sustenance.

flower-9 flower-11flower-13

Now pull all those little pretties off the stems. Make piles. Pretend we are organized artsy types. Throw the stems away, we don’t need them (keep them if you are a better woman than me, but I can’t dream up a use for them).


Now use a ruler and a pencil… or if you’re lazy and/or can’t find one in your crazy house use some painter’s tape…. and mark off a line about 1/3 up from the bottom. This step is only important if you are doing an ‘ombre’ effect with 2 colours. If you are only using one colour of flower don’t do this.


I made notes on mine of where I wanted my colours. At the top I put ‘pink only’….Then ‘mostly pink’… Then ‘mostly purple’… Then the bottom says ‘purple only’.


Now glue those babies down! Simple.

Don’t make this part too complicated.

Don’t do rows.

Don’t be too perfect.

This step will take you HOURS longer than you thought it ever could.

20150218_161754 20150218_161810 20150218_161820 20150218_16184720150218_161913

flower-29 flower-28

You can see the ombre starting to show. Just follow your guidelines. You can leave the tape on or remove it, it will all be eventually covered anyhow. Cover every square inch of the front and sides of the letter. No cardboard should be showing when you are done. Stuff them in tight, the more the merrier.

When you are done the letter can be simply put on a shelf, or if you want to hang it on the wall as I have, you can attach your favourite hanging hardware (or a loop of ribbon) onto the back with a glue gun. For the “J” I had to use 2 loops onto 2 nails so it didn’t hang funny on the wall.

You will get a blister on your glue gun finger! Be prepared to whine….

People will ask you to make these for you. I recommend that you practice your best belly laugh in the mirror before you post your finished masterpiece to facebook and keep the link to this tutorial handy…… Only crazy people will make more than one of these in their lives. Seriously.


Here is a picture (screenshot from my facebook account sent straight from my phone. Ya… I’m classy like that) that shows the scale of the finished product if you use the 24 inch letter. This was her bedroom when she was 5…. Now she is 11 and still sporting the flowery “J”…. She is going to be taking this thing to college with her, if I have my way!

Thanks for checking in here. My next project is an adorable set of coordinating lampshades for my little’s room that her and I cooked up today…. Her’s a taste of what’s to come:


— Melissa


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